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Uruguayan Film Series 9/11/09 to 9/29/09 @ the Brecht Forum - Frente Amplio en EE.UU. - Comité de base Líber Seregni
Frente Amplio en EE.UU. - Comité de base Líber Seregni

Sitio de los uruguayos frenteamplistas en los Estados Unidos.

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Uruguayan Film Series 9/11/09 to 9/29/09 @ the Brecht Forum

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Brech Forum

451 West Street (bet. Bank & Bethune Streets) New York, NY 10014

Opening Friday, September 11 followed by the next three Tuesdays, September 15, 22 & 29

Friday, September 11

7:00 pm - opening & reception / 7:30 pm sharp! - introduction talk & screening


Uruguay/Spain 2004, 54 min., DigiBeta (Spanish with English subtitles)

Director: Ricardo Casas

Script: Ricardo Casas

Music: Carlos Da Silveira

Production Manager: Virginia Martínez

Cast: Special participaction Miguel Angel Solá

Production: Guazú Media in coproduction w/ZIP-Films, TV de Catalunya, participation of Tevé Ciudad, SUR Films, Cinemateca Uruguaya, Media Profile & Communikation

Festivals: Best Documentary-Best Film of 2004 by the Association of Film Critics of Uruguay (Fipresci), & has participated in festivals worldwide. www.palabras-verdaderas.com

WORDS OF TRUTH searches for the keys of this illustrious citizen of Montevideo -Mario Benedetti- in his life and especially in his poetry. Here is a man who has had to face various periods in exile yet who has received all the prizes the world can offer. But above all else, who has received the unconditional love of his readership, a massive and faithful audience that follows him everywhere he goes and that spoils him every day with its applause and its reading. According to Manuel Vázquez Montalban, he is the most read poet in the Spanish language, totally lacking in the usual author’s pride or dignity, according to José Saramago, a survivor of a generation which came to grips with hell. Someone who has opened many doors, without renouncing his very strong principles, those principles so dear to the psyche of a man of Montevideo, to this citizen of the world, this very ordinary man who marches out each day in search of the answers which are never fully explained. An unhappy childhood, a life as a young man dedicated to work and reading, a maturity filled with political commitments and exiles - all these have marked Benedetti and his work provides a historical testimony, the kind that only artists can give us. And the documentary follows him, almost invisibly, gathering up little pieces of this long story, laden with moments which moved us all and which will undoubtedly continue to move us. And don’t let us leave out a mention of the readings of actor Miguel Angel Solá, which have the capacity to interpret this day-to-day existence, as wise as history, so dear to Benedetti and his readers.

After the screening there will be a concert of Uruguayan folklore by Cuerda Luna.

Tuesday, September 15

7:00 pm - Reception / 7:30 pm sharp! - introduction talk & screening

JOYA – JEWEL (Fiction)


Uruguay/Argentina 2007, 90 min. (Spanish with English subtitles)

Director: Gabriel Bossio

Script: Gabriel Bossio

Executive Production: Gabriel Bossio, María José Garofali

Music: Cursi, Max Capote, Loopez, Bufón, La Chancha Francisca

Cast: Jenny Goldstein, Roberto Moré, Alberto Rivero

Production: La Jolla Films | www.lajollafilms.com

Bitter comedy about a couple in their thirties living an uncertain life. The main character (who smokes marihuana cigarrettes all day) and his wife live between Montevideo -the capital city- and Piriápolis. It is an intelligent film, full of great moments and memorable phrases.

Tuesday, September 22.

7:00 pm - Reception / 7:30 pm sharp! - introduction talk & screening


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Uruguay, 2000 – 73 min. (Spanish)
Direction: Virginia Martinez

A sensitive reconstruction of the Anarchist movement in the River Plate area, and specifically in the city of Montevideo during the first third of the XX Century. To build this documentary Virginia Martinez uses archive materials such as photography and film of that time, plus testimonies of survivors, relatives, and historians who researched the subject.

Tuesday, September 29

7:00 pm - Reception / 7:30 pm sharp! - introduction talk & screening

MATAR A TODOS – KILL THEM ALL (Fiction based on a real story)

Matar a todos

Uruguay/Chile/Argentina, 2007 - 97 min. (Spanish with English subtitles)

Director: Esteban Schroeder

Screenplay: Pablo Vierci, Alejandra Marino, Daniel Henríquez

Story Line: Esteban Schroeder

Production: Sergio Gandara, Pablo Salomón, Sergio Miranda, Yvonne Ruocco, Patricia Méndez, Esteban Schroeder & Asociados.

Co-Production: Morocha Films (Buenos Aires), Parox (Santiago de Chile)

Music: Martín Pavlovsky

Cast: Roxana Blanco, Walter Reyno, César Troncoso, María Izquierdo, Darío Grandinetti


When democracy starts to impose itself over the weakened Latin American dictatorships, a man flees through the forest of a Uruguayan seaside resort. He is from Chile and hides at a police station of the town. He desperately denounces that he has been kidnapped, that they want to kill him and that he is called Berríos. The denunciation reaches Judge Santa Cruz, who asks his assistant, lawyer Julia Gudari, to take charge of the investigation. Julia shortly finds out that the police have tried to erase all traces of the case. She does not find any answers at the Embassy of Chile either. Julia finds out that the Chilean citizen is a biochemical engineer who worked secretly for Pinochet, who was convinced he would be able to “gas Buenos Aires with chemical weapons”. Julia starts to unravel a dark story which involves her directly, as both her father, General Gudari, and her brother, Ivan, are part of the alliance and will do everything they can to keep Julia away from the truth.

The SECOND URUGUAYAN FILM SCREENING is organized by the Cultural Commission of Comité de Base Líber Seregni (Frente Amplio)

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